Overpricing Your Condo Isn’t Necessary


Overpricing your condo isn’t necessary
and never has been! Although I understand
why you think using an overpricing
strategy is a good idea.

After all, we’ve been in a “seller’s” market
for a long time, and some sellers have accomplished
this unusual feat and made a “king’s ransom” in the process!

But then, all good things come to an end eventually.
Do they really, though? What if there’s a more
effective way of doing things that produce
the same results unbeknownst to you?

I’ll gladly tell you about it, but first, let’s address how
the “business” of overpricing your condo “got its wings,” and
it has nothing to do with Red Bull Energy Drink. (Did you catch my little joke?)


Due to the low-interest rates, an influx of cash buyers,
first-time condo buyers, and a severely limited housing
supply, buyers had to pay way more than they should
have for a roof over their heads!

I’m sure it was no fun for you to watch other over-excited sellers
“follow the yellow brick road” to the bank to deposit their newfound
wealth. Now you want in on that action – I GET IT!!

You’re not alone in that thought process because, according to a recent
survey from the listing site Realtor.com, 94% of sellers expect their home
to sell for MORE than they paid. This is a common and usually accurate
expectation to have, by the way.


Amazingly, a full third of respondents said they plan to LIST their home
for more than they thought it was worth!

Back in the day, before the invention of the internet, overpricing your condo
was an acceptable industry practice, especially since consumers didn’t
have access to past sales information and had only to rely on what they
were told by their real estate professional.

The reason for overpricing their property back then was so that the seller
would have room to negotiate a fair price, but somehow the sound of
that reeks of mayhem!


Fast forward to today; if you pay attention to the news, we’ve inherited
those same industry norms, e.g., properties growing stale on the market
and sellers feeling “cheated” when they can’t get THEIR over-inflated
asking price. These old fashion methods are unnecessary!

The consumer has become empowered and now has a way to fact-check stuff.
Anybody with a computer or mobile phone can access the internet and
get the financial history on just about any property they want.

Today’s savvy buyers are often aware of the value of a condo in a particular
complex. They can see if/when there is a significantly higher price on a similar


    • They can overprice their condo.
    • Buyers will magically come.
    • If that doesn’t work, then
    • They can always reduce the property’s cost.
    • If an agent can sell your condo in ten days or
      less, the property wasn’t priced high enough.



  • You don’t determine market value; only willing and able buyers do that.
  • Next, suppose buyers aren’t aware that your property is even available.
  • In that case, buyers won’t see your unit due to the intense competition
    from other condos on the market. You’ve got to do something to bring the focus
    to your unit only.
  • Thinking that you can overprice your condo and then reduce the price
    is equivalent to closing the barn doors after the horses have run away!
  • The goal is to keep YOU in the “power position” by NOT having to reduce
    the cost of your property!
  • If an agent can bring you multiple offers on your condo in ten days or less,
    it is most likely due to their marketing efforts and NOT that your unit
    was priced too low.
  • Targeting the right buyers to create a multiple-offer situation takes skill
    and preparation which would require a limited timeframe to see desirable results
    when done correctly.

“REMEMBER TIME IS MONEY” – Benjamine Franklin

It’s heartbreaking and sad that most sellers don’t realize that the FIRST TEN DAYS
their property is on the market are CRUCIAL to what buyers see and think about their condo.

After that, the unit will go stale, and the seller may have to reduce the price.

But by this time, interested buyers may have already formed a negative opinion of your home based
on the cost compared to similar condos in your area and thus offer much less than you’re
asking, or they’ve bought somewhere else.


Interest rates have increased, causing home sales to slow down. Many buyers have stopped looking
or have decided to pause their search until the market cools down before making a purchase.

According to information gleaned from an article I read on NextAdvisor:

National data shows that home sales are dropping significantly, and it’s starting to reflect
in home prices. This statistic alone should serve as a deterrent to sellers considering pricing
their condos over market value.

Data from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) showed home sales down 5.9% in July
compared to June, the sixth month in a row when sales declined. The same report found
the median sales price for an existing home was $403,800 in July, down from $10,000 in June.


Interestingly enough, there are still lots of qualified buyers available, and
an excellent opportunity to get over the asking price for your condo without overpricing!

While it is possible to profit from overpricing your home, the reality is you stand
a better chance of having your condo sit on the market, even after several price reductions!

Have you ever wondered what successful sellers did in the past to get their units
to fly off the market in ten days or less for over the asking price without overpricing them?

It’s no secret that the real estate market in Chicago is competitive. People relocate
for various reasons, such as job transfers, graduate school (Northwestern, University of Chicago)
family ties and desiring a diverse city lifestyle, it’s no wonder housing prices and condos
have been rising in recent years.


Yes! I promised earlier in this article to tell you about an alternative technique,
and here it is …

One proven way to get over the asking price for your unit is to use a highly effective
target marketing approach to attract the right buyer who will be interested in and can
afford your condo. It’s a method used by Nike and other luxury brands that offer high-end products.

To give you the full details, I have written an article explicitly telling you how to use
this strategy to sell your condo in ten days or less for top dollar.

So, click here to find out how this strategy puts all eyes on your condo only by positioning it to be
in a category of one! It’s what I do for my clients.

This marketing strategy takes preparation, observation, and dedication! There’s no shame
if you need to ask for help. I’ve assisted many sellers through this process
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